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Fern Paradise is a green boutique hotel Chiang Mai offering boutique villa style of accommodation aiming to provide best hospitality services differently from other hotels Chiang Mai.

Rate of Fern Paradise
Barn Nov 10 - April 11    
Standard Barn (No: 6,7,9) 3,500    
Superior Barn (No: 2 – 5) 4,300    
Deluxe Barn (No: 8) 5,000    
Suite Barn (No: 1) 8,000    

1. Standard Barns are authentic rice barns with shared terrace. Area 35 Sq.m. On the lower floor are fitness, library and fern shopping. Everyone can use together. Only rooms that is private for guest who stays in standard barns. We have 3 barns for standard are barn 6 is twin bed, barn 7 and 9 are double bed.

Barn 6 the name is Cibotium Barometz Barn (Twin Bed)

Barn 7 the name is Lycopodium Barn (Double Bed)

Barn 9 the name  is Cyathea Barn (Double Bed)


2. Superior Barns are two storied authentic rice barns and living area on lower floor. Area 50 Sq.m. On the lower floor have chairs, a stretcher, a swing. Guest in superior barns can use in private. We have 5 Superior Barns. Barn 2,3,4 are double bed and barn 5 is twin bed.

Barn 2 the name is Asplenium Barn (Double Bed)

Barn 3 the name is Davalia Barn (Double Bed)

Barn 4 the name is Nephrolepis Barn (Double Bed)

Barn 5 the name is Platycerium Barn (Twin Bed)


3. Deluxe Barn are two big storied authentic rice barn and living area are on lower floor. Area 85 Sq.m. On the lower floor have chairs, a stretcher, a swing. Deluxe barn is double bed.

Barn 8 the name is Dicksonia Barn (Double Bed)

4. Suite Barn Two storied authentic rice barn and living area on lower floor for 2 persons.

Barn 1 the name is Adiantum Barn (Double Bed)


- Room rates include Daily Breakfast
- 500 Baht/night for an extra mattress with Breakfast
- Airport transfer @300 Baht/trip

  Online Reservation

*Name: Room Preference:
  • Adiantum Barn
  • Asplenium Barn
  • Davalia Barn
  • Nephrolepis Barn
  • Platycerium Barn
  • Cibotium Barometz Barn
  • Lycopodium Barn
  • Dicksonia Barn
  • Cyathea Barn
Period of Stay:
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